Robin Spann dishes out 5 cooking shows to stream right now

Robin Spann

September 7, 2021

Robin Spann dishes out 5 cooking shows to stream right now

Add a little comfort food to your next “binge.”

Whether you want to explore new recipes or watch top chefs compete, there’s no shortage of food-inspired shows to stream. And this is perfect for people like Robin Spann, Chicago resident. Interested in food culture and fine dining, he loves to experiment and put his own cooking skills to the test. Streaming is a great way to continue to learn.

With a full menu of options at his fingertips, the aspiring home chef serves up five of his favorite cooking shows available to stream right now.

Best Leftovers Ever!

The food competition series is re-inventing the genre by re-heating what’s left in the fridge. The Netflix series introduces chefs who compete by re-purposing leftovers, hoping to turn yesterday’s discarded meals into cold, hard cash. The winner earns a $10,000 prize. Hosted by actress and musician Jackie Tohn, the program is full of inspiration to try at home. Best Leftovers Ever! offers practical skills and ideas to transform those takeout boxes into tonight’s dinner.

Magnolia Table

Joanna Gaines takes her home renovation and decor brand into the kitchen. From Fixer Upper to fixing up meals, Magnolia Table delivers tasty, easy-to-follow recipes. The reality star pulls from her own cookbooks while putting her own skills on display. Robin Spann recommends this Discovery series to beginners wanting to learn the basics while building a wide range of recipes.

The Chef Show

Based on a movie by a similar name, The Chef Show stars director Jon Favreau and gourmet food truck chef Roy Choi. The Netflix series travels with the pair as they explore unique, local foods coast to coast. Fans of Marvel movies, like Robin Spann, may enjoy guest appearances by Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, and Robert Downey Jr. But it’s more than just entertaining. The show breaks down complex dishes into simple directions that can be followed by the viewer.

Good Eats

On television for over 15 seasons, Good Eats is undoubtedly one of the most informative cooking shows. Inspired by Bill Nye, The Science Guy, the series dives deep into studying the techniques and science behind food. More than just recipes, host Alton Brown shares his expertise in covering all aspects of the kitchen. Currently streaming on Discovery , the show is both humorous and educational.


No list is complete without Chopped. For 47 seasons, it has defined the food competition platform. The show has challenged the world’s top chefs to construct high-end appetizers, entrees, and desserts using odd, suprise, mystery ingredients. Available on Hulu, even novice home cooks can follow along with these professionals. If you want to push your own limits, Robin Spann thinks this makes a fun, at-home night for the entire family. Choose a few items from the pantry or fridge and see who can whip up the best dish.