About Me

Robin Spann grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH with his mom (Lynn), dad (Richard) and brother Kevin. Robin's grandparents (Perry and Shirley Noe) lived close by, so he spent a lot of time with them as well. As an adult, Robin Spann worked as a chemist for multiple companies, a teacher, a bar trivia host, a pharmacy technician, and is currently working at a new start up store called Dom’s Kitchen and Market. Robin went to Baldwin Wallace University (Berea, OH) and obtained a bachelor’s in English and a second bachelor’s in Biology, and then after moving to Chicago, Robin attended University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) for a master’s in Education. Robin Spann has thought about going back to school in the future, but he's not sure what for at this point, so that idea is on pause. When Robin was in his late twenties, he decided to move to Chicago to get a fresh start and because Chicago always seemed like a super fun place to live. Robin has been there for five years now and loves that he's still discovering new parts of the city all the time. Robin Spann currently lives with his partner, Mollz, and their three cats. They are gradually building their lives in the Windy City.


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